I was first introduced to chainmail making when I was fighting in the SCA (Society for Creative Anachronism).  It was the early 1980's, and I had already been doing medieval reenactment fighting for a few years.  I thought chainmail looked cool and authentic!  I coiled my own springs and clip,clip, clipped rings.  Over the next few years I had made a shirt, coif, and a chainmail skirt hung from a weight belt on my armour.   I made numerous smaller pieces, like pouches to carry valuables in.  It never occurred to me at that time to make jewelry. Fast forward to Christmas 2017.  My fighting days have been in the rear-view mirror for a number of years, and I had long ago sold all the armour pieces I had made (regretfully).  My wonderful daughter bought me a chainmail making  jewelry book for Christmas, and I like what I see. I start making a few pieces for fun, and people where I work buy some!  That's all it took!  I started going to festivals and selling my wares, and now I have a website! This has become a family endeavor, with my wife helping at festivals, and my creative son (who travels a lot) on the lookout for unique pendants for me to add to the chainmail I make.  My multi-talented son-in-law assisted with the website set up, designed the logo for my business, and helps me problem solve a variety of situations for the business.   I hand-craft every piece of chainmail I sell and enjoy doing custom pieces.  If you want something specific that you don't see, please contact me through the contact link!  I enjoy the challenge!  Thanks for spending time exploring my website!

Kevin McILrath

Dark Hammer Chainmail